About Us - What Do We Do?

The vision that inspires the JEA is translated into important objectives which include:  

  • Creating a forum for the exchange of ideas, programs, and materials
  • Conducting professional development seminars, workshops, and activities in order to keep current in our field
  • Establishing and maintaining high professional standards including the new CJE (Conservative Jewish Educator) credential
  • Recruiting qualified individuals for Conservative Jewish educational positions 
  • Coordinating the JEA Annual Educators' Conference which delves into a variety of timely subjects
  • Enhancing the development of Jewish education in congregations, day schools, community organizations, and national agencies 
  • Promoting and sponsoring research in Jewish education 
  • Recognizing the need to inspire and encourage a new generation of Conservative Jewish educators, the JEA works closely with The Davidson School of Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary, The Fingerhut School of Education at American Jewish University (formerly The University of Judaism), and with other members of the Association of Institutions of Higher Learning for Jewish Education (AIHLJE)