Requirements for the Title of CJE

1. Masters degree in Jewish Education from a CJE Commission-recognized institution, or Bachelors and Masters degrees from CJE Commission-recognized institutions, with a minimum of 36 credits in Education, including 12 credits in administration; and a minimum of 36 credits (or their equivalent) in Jewish studies, including Hebrew; of which at least 30 credits are earned on a graduate level.
2. A period of no fewer than three years as a teacher or group leader in a Conservative or communal Jewish educational setting.
3. Administrative or supervisory internship of one year in a Jewish setting supervised by a CJE Commission-approved academic institution or designee
thereof, and served either at the time of post-baccalaureate study or thereafter, and 
4. Five years, of which three must be consecutive, in an administrative capacity in, but not limited to, a Conservative congregational or day school, early childhood or family education program, camp, or other Jewish educational program, and
5. A demonstrated commitment to Conservative Jewish education beyond the attainment of the above requirements, as evidenced by at least three years
membership in good standing in the JEA; consistent participation in JEA organized conferences or programs; contributions to the field such as curriculum
or program development projects; and/or continued academic learning.