The Placement Process

Contemplating a change and going through the process of a job search can be trying.  One of the benefits of JEA membership is the support and guidance available to you as you proceed through Placement.  It is our goal to allow you the freedom to explore all your options while doing everything we can to help assure that you will secure the position best suited to you.

Placement of educators is done cooperatively by the professional staff of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism’s Department of Education and the Jewish Educators Assembly.  USCJ will serve its congregational schools and the JEA will serve the needs of its members.  They will cooperate with one another in the work of placing educators in the Conservative Movement while focusing their work on their respective constituencies. The Schechter Network now works most directly with placement for the Schechter schools.

All candidates for placement should fill out the two parts of the placement application, which can be found on the JEA website

Upon receipt of the application, it will be referred promptly to JEA’s Executive Director and Placement Advisor, Edward Edelstein, who is available to assist the candidates in the process of creating a resume and cover letter, preparing for interviews, negotiating contracts and helping to insure a smooth transition to their new position.  Eddie establishes a personal relationship with each candidate. His advice and counsel has guided our members through every step of the process, including walking candidates through the interview.  He is also available to speak to potential candidates, people who are only thinking about applying but have not yet done so.  His guidance has proven invaluable in helping to overcome the tension and anxiety associated with searching for and finding an appropriate position.

Every candidate who has filed an application for a position through USCJ will receive a link to an online listing of positions that are available. Updates and reminders will be sent periodically to those who are registered for placement.   If you see a position that you have interest in, you are to notify JEA which will send your resume and application directly to the search committee. Once you have received a note that your cover letter and resume has been passed on you are free to contact the chair of the search committee directly unless the institution has indicated that they prefer a different procedure.

 While there is no implied guarantee that we can find a position for each and every candidate, it is our hope that this procedure will improve and enhance your job search.


 Placement Procedures:

  • Fill out a placement application available on line at:
  • Submit your application to Eddie Edelstein at [email protected].
  • You will be contacted by Eddie Edelstein, Placement Advisor, to discuss your job search
  • When you review the online list of job openings, notify JEA to submit your materials to the positions which interest you
  • Wait for confirmation from JEA that your file has been forwarded
  • After an appropriate interval, contact the chair of the search committee for a progress report
  • Keep in touch with Eddie Edelstein throughout the process for guidance on how to proceed: Phone:  516 569-2537 or  [email protected].