Pension and Life Insurance Benefits

The Joint Retirement Board of Conservative Judaism

As a member in good standing of the JEA, you are entitled to life insurance and pension retirement benefits through the Joint Retirement Board.*

Through the Joint Retirement Board you can receive life insurance benefits, waiver premium insurance (protects your retirement contributions), and a self-directed pension program.

Eligible individuals may apply for enrollment in the pension plan at any time. You have a choice of high quality investments from three different financial management providers.

The account that you establish belongs entirely to you, the accountholder, and no part of it can revert to your employer. The plan is not contingent upon you remaining at one organization. Contributions to the plan may be made in any of the following manners:

  • employer contribution in addition to salary,
  • salary reduction agreement or
  • a combination of the above

To enroll in the plan or for a detailed booklet contact the Joint Retirement Board of Conservative Judaism at (212) 947-2400, email the administrative contact at:[email protected] or visit

*In addition to your membership in the JEA you must be an employee of a 501(c)(3) organization, public school or public university in order to take advantage of these services.