About Us

Our Mission 

The mission of the Jewish Educators Assembly is to promote excellence among educators committed to Conservative Jewish education by advancing professionalism, encouraging leadership, pursuing lifelong learning and building community.

Our Vision

The JEA will serve educators in their efforts to strengthen the Conservative Movement and inspire greater Jewish learning. JEA will be the leading advocate for the welfare of the Jewish educator and for best practices in Jewish education.

Our Values

The JEA's mission is anchored in and informed by the core values, practices and principles of Conservative Judaism. These include: spirited and honest intellectual exploration of sacred texts, fluency in Hebrew, joyful participation in Jewish holidays and rituals, a deep commitment to Israel and the Jewish People, and equal access to all aspects of Jewish life for both boys and girls. In addition, as a professional association, we embrace academic excellence, innovation, collaboration, professionalism, lifelong learning and integrity.

Our Program Goals

A. To fulfill our mission of advancing professionalism, the JEA will:

  • set standards for professional development in education and Jewish studies, and challenge our members to meet those standards. 
  • serve as an advocate - for both the individual and for the profession - and be the official "voice" of educators within the Conservative Movement. 
  • collect and disseminate information about best practices, as well as sponsor and encourage research, in Jewish education. 
  • work to inspire people to become Jewish educators, and help them to succeed through formal coaching and mentoring. 
  • work to ensure that Conservative schools are served by qualified professionals through a process of professional placement and career counseling. 

B. To fulfill our mission of advancing leadership, the JEA will:

  • serve as an active partner with other Conservative Movement organizations in order to promote Conservative Judaism and facilitate the creation of new and creative educational models. 
  • work with other movements and agencies to keep up with the latest methods and leadership strategies acting as the voices of professionals in Conservative Jewish education.. 
  • encourage and assist members to take leadership roles and serve as role models in their own schools, communities, and beyond. 

C. To fulfill our mission of pursuing lifelong learning, the JEA will:

  • provide services, conferences, and programs to members, as well as encourage them to participate in both Jewish and professional learning experiences. 
  • strive to create a passion for lifelong learning among members and all Conservative Jews. 
  • nurture the intellectual and spiritual development of its members. 

D. To fulfill our mission of building community (Kahal), the JEA will:

  • support and connect Conservative Jewish educators through various networking opportunities and technologies. 
  • support building the greater Conservative community by encouraging its members to affiliate with and participate in activities of the Conservative Movement. 
  • contribute to the growth of local Jewish communities by encouraging its members to actively participate in the activities of their own communities. 
  • build greater connections with the Land of Israel, our colleagues in Israel, and all of Klal Yisrael."