Why Join JEA?

As a Jewish Educator, you want and need to keep current in the field and be able to network with other like-minded professionals.  

We are a group of dedicated, knowledgeable, professional Jewish educators who take great pride in being warm and welcoming to both long-time and new members.  Whether through our listserv (open to members) or at our conferences (open to both members and those who have yet to join), we are supportive of our colleagues and thoughtful about how to most effectively meet the needs of Jewish education in the 21st (secular) century.  Together, we work to find ways that might change challenge into opportunity.

Beyond our active listserve and annual conferences, practical benefits of becoming a part of the JEA include: 
  • The CJE (Conservative Jewish Educator) credential
  • Employment opportunities and referrals through the Joint Placement Commission 
  • Professional development programs, Webinars and special workshops 
  • Life insurance and pension retirement benefits through the Joint Retirement Board 
  • Tuition discounts at The Jewish Theological Seminary 
  • JEA publications and special programs 
  • A built-in network of cooperative colleagues available for advice and support 

Complete our membership application.

The Jewish Educators Assembly offers a variety of membership categories, based on credentials and experience, ranging from Student Membership through Fellows. We also honor our donors with a Supporting Membership.