Membership Categories and Dues Structure

Jewish Educators Assembly – MEMBERSHIP DUES

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Membership dues are calculated as:   .9% (9/10 of one per cent) of annual salary (salary X .009) 

It is the expectation of the JEA that all members will compute/determine this amount.  (See list below for assistance.)


***Special Note to Educators who are members of the Rabbinical Assembly:

By agreement with the RA, those Rabbis who serve primarily in education roles may deduct the full amount of their JEA dues from their RA dues.


***Special Note to Educators who are members of the Cantors Assembly:

By agreement with the CA, those Cantors who also serve in education roles may

             a) Reduce their JEA dues by 20%    AND

b) Deduct that same 20% of their JEA dues from their CA dues.     

      i.e. if your JEA dues are $500, you may deduct 20% and pay the JEA $400 AND deduct $100 from your CA dues.

                   This applies only to those who are members of BOTH JEA and the CA!



  • STUDENT                       Half of the requirements for MA in Jewish Education completed.                             $50.00
  • ISRAELI                        Educators who are currently residing in Israel.                                                        $50.00
  • RETIREE                        Members who are no longer working.                                                                      $50.00
  • TEACHER                       Teachers in non-administrative positions.                                                                $75.00
  • EARLY CHILDHOOD     Directors of Early Childhood Programs                                                                    $118.00
  • ACADEMIC                    Full time faculty members in a department of Jewish Education or Studies.            $150.00
  • SUPPORTER                  An individual who chooses to support the work of this vital organization.                $150.00

    ♦The above categories accommodate the needs of our diversified membership.

Additional notes:

  • Canadian members may pay dues based upon the prevailing rate of exchange; checks should be made payable in U.S. dollars.
  • Dues are a suggested minimum.  Additional donations are encouraged.
  • Individuals who work in non-Conservative Jewish educational settings but are supportive of the JEA goals are invited to join. Names of applicants who fulfill the above requirements are presented to the JEA Executive Board for approval at each of its quarterly meetings.


The JEA welcomes the support of individuals who wish to strengthen Conservative Jewish educational institutions and professionals. 


Membership application forms, trust fund information and additional materials are available from the JEA office upon request.


JEA Membership / Fee Structure                                                                           


Members in good standing pay annual dues of .9% (9/10 of one per cent) of their annual salary (Salary X .009).  It is the expectation of the JEA that each member will compute/determine the appropriate amount, based upon his/her salary for the current year.  The attached scale should help you determine the proper amount.

Annual Salary

Annual Dues

Under $30,000

$200.00 (fixed minimum amount)