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Join over 250 colleagues who are communicating on topics such as: How to teach tefila, what percentage of a synagogue budget is allocated to the Religious School, how can we encourage staff and students to observe the mitzvot of Purim. How do you adapt the Melton History curriculum to a day school setting?

Are you interested in what JEA does locally in the various regions? Did you attend the JEA conference and would like to discuss some of the sessions you attended, now that you're back home? Do you have suggestions for next year's conference? Do you need advice on an issue in your community? Do you have advice to offer? What can we do to support the Masorti'im? Is there an article in Beneinu you would like to comment on? All of this is possible on the JEA listserve. Through e-mail, JEA members can discuss educational issues in general or specifically as they pertain to the Conservative or Masorti movement .

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After you have subscribed, you can then send a message to:[email protected] and it will be distributed to everyone on the list.

For general information, comments and questions about the listserve you may e-mail Michael Schatz at:[email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.